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  1. 1 kpaul
    septembrie 8, 2009 la 1:26 am

    mai puneti si voi cate ceva pe site-ul asta…ocupativa si voi de el;)

  2. 3 Slavik
    mai 20, 2011 la 7:34 am


    My name is Slavik, I am from Lviv, Ukraine.

    I represent NGO „Karpaty” (we work with football supporters
    of Western Ukraine).

    This year we will be holding the traditional international fans’ tournament
    EUROFAN for the 5th consecutive year.
    Here is the EUROFAN page in Wikipedia:
    You can also find many photos and videos from previous events on Facebook:

    The dates: 23-26 June 2011.

    Our tournament is rather a non-competitive one.
    Professional or semi-professional players are not allowed.
    Our motto might sound like this:
    play some football, drink some beer,
    make friends, have fun!

    Tournament rules: 11-a-side teams,
    matches played in qualifying groups will have duration of 50 minutes (2 halves, 25 minutes each),
    matches played in playoffs will have duration of 60 minutes (2 halves, 30 minutes each).

    One night in a good hotel will cost around 13 EUR from one person (incl. breakfast).

    Also during the tournament all invited team will be accompanied by volunteers
    speaking in respective languages.
    After the tournament we organize a celebration party with
    prizes and mementos for all tournament guests.

    Also we ask all teams to send us an entrance fee in the amount of 150 Euro from
    each team as a guarantee of participation.

    The final list of participants will include 24 fans’ teams from all over Europe, including
    Liverpool (England), PSG (France), Chievo (Italy),
    Copenhagen (Denmark), Zenit and Lokomotiv (Russia),
    Dinamo Minsk (Belarus), Dinamo Tbilisi (Georgia),
    National supporters teams of Sweden, Czech Republic, Moldova, Wales, Slovenia,
    Croatia, Slovakia, Armenia, Poland, Ukraine and many others.

    We would like to invite fans team of FC Oţelul Galaţi (Romania)
    to take part in the Eurofan-2011.
    Would you be interested to organise
    such team for our tournament?

    Thank you.
    Best regards,

  3. 4 FCOG
    august 11, 2011 la 8:34 am


  4. 5 FCOG
    august 11, 2011 la 8:36 am

    lasati orgoliu la o parte ,pentru spectacolul ultra”

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